Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today was lots of fun...My Aunt Michelle has two little kids Ben 3 and Hayden 1 and they lived in South Carolina for the last few years and they never got Blessed. So Michelle has sol custody of the kids and she decided to have them get blessed today. They are really cute kids and we had a nice dinner at my parents house. We also had the other cousin over and I can't tell ya enough that little kids say the darnest things....We have been laughing all night at Joshua my little cousin and Ben. They are really cute and saying things that are so random at times....Very Cute!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Josh is starting back up at school tonight and I am sooooo Excited for him...He has 13 Credits so far and this semester he will have 7 more when he gets done!!.. I am so Proud of him for all that he is doing...He is going in IT Program at Utah Career College!!!..Love You Josh!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well we got OUR First Pet as being married....Yep it is a little fish...Well actually he is a BIG Fish..Lets just say he likes to eat a lot of food..LOL. He is a Black Gold Fish with really big eyes....Not sure what the name of the fish is but that is what we call him. He was my sisters fish but she got new fish and did not want him anymore so we decided to abdopt him instead of flushing him down the He is such a cute little guy!! Josh was really excited to buy him some thing for the tank so we bought him a little turtle (Fake) so he has a friend and we have a few leaf thing in there to to make it colorful!!!


Our cute Little Neighbor Tate Flint called us up and ask us if we would like to come and help him and his fmaily Build a Really BIG Snowman...So we could not turn him down so we got all dress up and went over and help them a little bit build a snowman..It is a way cool snowman and the biggest one that I have ever seen....

It kind of a bad picture but this is Todd and The Brown boys working on the snowman!

This is the Brown Boys with Tate and Grace working hard on the snowman!

This is me with Gracey...she is a doll!!

Josh and I together after we got done helping with the snowman!!