Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is Thanksgiving Day......What a great day that we can just sit down with family and really think and be thankful for everything that we have. The number one thing that I am thankful for is my Husband Josh. He is always there for me and if I am having a bad day or just need a hug or someone to talk to he is ALWAYS there for me. He does so much for me also....Cause right now I don't have a job and he is working as much as he can to make the ends met and to get by. Josh is my BEST friend and my Husband but most of all he is my Eternal Companion and that brings me to my next thing that I am grateful for, is the Church. I have had so much go on in my life and I have relied on the church and pray a lot to help me through with everything. I know you will hear this a lot in the church is that I don't know where I would be if I didn't have the church in my life but it is so true. I glad that Josh and I got married in the Temple and made those Promises to each other and will have and be with each other for always and forever. The calling that we have in the church is ward missionary leaders and what a great blessing that is going out and visiting with people in our ward and try to make everyone in our ward active again. There is soooo much more that I am thankful for but that will be to much to put on here. Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me and My Hubby went to The Ogden Temple today.....It feels so good to go there and have peace and quite and not worry about anything. We have decided that we will go every Friday night if we have nothing else to do..Kind of would like our date night instead of going out and spending money we go to the Temple..That is such a nice change and better decison for us, then if we can't go that night we go on saturday after Josh has school. You can really feel saten trying to tempt ya for going when you really want to go...Eariler in the day it was snowing really bad and we wanted to just stay home and relax watch movies and snuggle but we knew what the right thing was to do so we went to the Temple with my Favorite Sister and brother in Law..Korey and Laura. They are awesome people. Then 3 of My husband sisters decided that they wanted to go Over to Laura's house and have a game night. So we went home and changed and went to Laura's house and played games with Naomi, Sarah, Esther adn Laura and Korey and the kiddos. What a fun time that was to have fun with some of the "sisters", I wish that we can do that more often, but it doesn't always work out like that. But it was good while we did it. Then I realized that I can not stay up late anymore like I used to be able to do, when I was in High School and College, Now after 10pm I can not stay up..LOL...Well that is about it for that day!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conner's Blessing

Uncle Josh holding Conner after He got blessed...Great Job in Blessing Him Josh!!!

Conner and Caleb...Good lookin little boys.....