Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

This was our first Christmas together being married...It was so much Fun waking up together that morning and opening presents and having a great time. Then we went to my moms after we got ready and opened gifts then off to my uncle Brain's House for our Christmas Morning Breakfast that we do Every Year!! Then we did go to Laura's house and opened gifts with all of Josh's family and we had All the family there to celebrate this Holiday Together!

This is Josh with all of his presents...He got spolied by me!!..LOL

Yep that is me with all of my gifts from Josh!

Our gifts together...Josh didn't wrap my gifts they are in the bag...LOL

We bought our Bran New Sony 52 Inch TV for CHristmas too along with our Wii...Yeah that was a Big Present to each other!!

These our some of our Decorations that we had up this year!!..Cute Village!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Josh's Birthday!!!

Today is Josh's birthday.....He worked a reallu LONG day at Pepsi..I cooked him a nice dinner and made hima birthday cake...We ate really late and the food was cold and his cake was melting but that is ok the thought that counts right..?
I got him a bag a baseballs and a new outift with flip flops!!

Yes this is Josh's cake...YES I know It looks soooo crappy but it sure tasted good!!

Josh with his cake and the dinner that I made for him!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hawaii-Our Honeymoon

Josh was such a sweet man and saved up and took me to Hawaii for our Honeymoon...It was my Dream to go there and thought that I would never make it there in a million Years. Well we went there 3 weeks after we got married. Left On Sunday May 3 and came back on Sunday May 10, 2008. We got to do a lot of cool awesome things while we were there. Got to go Snorkeling, Got to go the Palliation Culture Center, Arizona Memorial, The Temple, Rented a car, Play in the Ocean, Eat at Hard Rock Cafe, Walk around Hawaii, Took a tour of Hawaii, Went to a Luha, and so much more that we did that is just a few things that we did...

This is the Beautiful Hawaii....

We went to the Zoo why we were there..Cool animals there!

This is my FAVORITE Temple...

This is the Arizona Memorial, Where Pearl Harbor took place!!

Josh and I ridden on "The Duck" in the Ocean!!

The Duck....Coolest Car EVER!!

One of the State Parks in Hawaii...

Josh and I in front of the Ocean on our Tour of the Island!!

Us with some of the Hawaii Dancers....

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today I got my bridals taken my Nicole and Shawn Lifegood...They did an awesome Jobs and here is just some of the pictures that they took. They were done all of the Salt Lake Temple and the grounds around it. I had my hair done by my cousin Linley and my Make up done by my cousin Lori...thanks Guys it looks so cute!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

These Pictures are our Engagment Pictures that Shawn and Nicole Goodlife did for us. We took them behind Jerimiah's Restruant on 12th Street in Ogden..They are way cute!!