Monday, October 26, 2009

Josh and I have been married for a little over a Year and a half now!! It has been so much fun and He is the Love of my life. We have been on a roller coaster through some tough times but we have always made it through the times. Right not Josh is working at Great Western Supply as a CDL Delivery driver and He is going to school also, Going to Utah Career College going into the IT program. He started his second quarter and is doing really well in the program so far. As for me I don't have a job right at this moment but I have been trying to look for a job. I am trying to go back to school this next semester and finish in getting my associates degree. We currently live with my family at the moment helping them out with finial situation and plus helping us out so we can get some things paid off. We have a calling in our ward as the Ward Missionary Leaders and we are a little lost in what we need to be doing but it has been good so far, just trying to find family's to teach and helping the missionary's out as much as we can. But that is us in a nut shell right now!!!!

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