Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas Morning is one of my favorite things on this day....I woke up and my family was still asleep and we had my Aunt Teralee and Uncle Eddie here. I told my mom that we should start doing Christmas and she is like ok so we got all the presents in the room and everyone came in and we all opened our gifts from each other. Way fun... I gave Josh The movie Transformers, shirts, A really nice watch-He loves..he he he, candy, A CD that has Hymns on it. Josh gave me The Biggest Loser Wii game, Couple of shirts, Wallet, Planner, and candy. It was a really nice Christmas. We got lots of presents that day and I Love all that gave us stuff cause we have used all the gifts. We had a Huge breakfast at my Uncle Brain house and then we saw my old neighbor Ricki and her family, Then off to Josh's mom we went to visit with them then back home to have a quick dinner with my family that Teralee and Eddie did (Very Good Meal), Then we went to my Great Grandma Allen house, we go there every year for Christmas just a tradition. Then we went and saw Laura and her family and they got the wii for Christmas and so of course Josh was there and playing and having a great time with the kids. Then home we went. Very busy day but LOVED every minute of it!!!
We found out later that night that Josh's sister Esther got engaged to Craig Hathaway! We are so happy for her!

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