Friday, December 18, 2009

We have a tradition that we go to Temple Square every CHristmas Season where Josh purposed to me. So This year since our anniversary of the date is in a Tuesday, so we decided that we would go on the Friday before down to Salt Lake. Josh has school on Tuesday's and so it just worked better that for us. He took me to the Gateway and we walked around and window shopped for a few minutes. We were both Hungry so Josh wanted to eat at the Brazil Restraunt that they have down there and so we check there and there wait was a hour and a half and that is way to long so we just decided to get at Applebees. (We ate there the night that he purosed anyways so it keeps the tradtion alive). It was really good food then we headed over to the Temple and walked around for a little bit and took a few pictures and then we just came home. It was very nice and relaxign it do something different for a change.

The Beautiful Salt Lake Temple at Christmas Time

The Reflection of the Temple in the Water Pond

Josh and I in front of the Pond with the Temple in the background....

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